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Flo Supply

Tubing Beader

SKU: 60-58353

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$400.99 USD
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$400.99 USD
  • Designed To Form A Bead At The End Of The Tube, Strengthening The Tube And Creating A Tighter Clamping Force
  • Designed For Air Induction, Coolant, Or HVAC Tubing
  • Works With Aluminum, Or Copper Tubing With A 5/8” Or Larger ID And A Wall Thickness Up To .075” (2mm)
  • Forms A Bead 3/32” Tall, 3/16” Wide, 5/16” From Tube End
  • Designed To Be Clamped In A Bench Vice
  • Includes Padded Storage Case

Product Description:

Commonly used on forced induction, HVAC, and coolant tubing.
The Flo Supply Tubing Beader is the perfect solution for beading copper or aluminum tubing on applications that require a strengthened tube end or increased clamping force. 
The Beader is designed to be clamped in a bench vice, and uses heavy duty stainless steel dies that allow you to form a smooth, high quality and adjustable size bead up to 3/32” tall.
Safely store when not in use in its protective and padded case.

Product Instructions:

60-58353 Tubing Beader Operation Instructions